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Why Most Personal
Development Gurus Suck!

And the Secret To Instant Change
With "Unconscious State Installations" So
You Can Achieve Your God Given Destiny!


Dear friend,

I hate most self help and personal development gurus.

First, they are usually "theorists". They don't practice what they preach. They give you good ideas, but never action plans. They don't show you the easy way to get instant results.


Actually, they are just opportunists who want to make money off you... not people who have your best interest in mind.


Did you know...?

John Gray, author of "Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus", the supposed guru of relationships has never had a successful marriage. In fact, his marriage with Barbara De Angelis ended when she left him for another man. Barbara De Angelis, by the way, is also a famous self help guru who publishes books like "What Women Want Men to Know" and "Chicken Soup For the Couples Soul".


Dr. Phil, who weighs in at about 245 pounds, gives people advice on how to lose weight! I'm sorry, but that dude is only 6'2". I don't care how you spin it, he's overweight. Hmm.


Kim Cattrall of Sex in the City fame wrote a book about how women can have non-stop, blissful orgasms. She divorced her husband shortly after the book was published. Her reason: Her husband just wanted to have sex all the time!


Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich (millions of copies sold), lived most of his life destitute and poor, and had to be rescued from poverty at the end of his life by a friend who took pity on him.


These are just a small handful of examples. What's more instructive is... WHY? Why can't most people do what they teach? I'll tell you why...

They Don't Have Systems,
Only Theories!


I'm not into theories.

I'm into "modeling". Here's how it works. When I want to master a certain behavior or achieve a certain goal, I simply go to someone who has what I want. Then, I make it a point to observe them. What I want to know is the neurological and chemical processes that trigger their resource states that allow them to achieve great things.

When I wanted to learn about goal setting, I didn't read some stupid book from some supposed "expert" who I knew nothing about. No. I went and studied and modeled olympics athletes. Then, I took their approach, and made it into an 8 step systematic process!

When I wanted to learn about how to change habits instantly, I modeled people who were able to make instant, productive changes in their life.

I found they all had one commonality. There was a certain threshold point and once it was crossed simply destroyed the old negative habit.

A void was left.

Then it was simply a matter of putting a new & more positive habit in that void.


There You Go...
Instant Change

I took that approach and turned it into a 7 step systematic process.

When I decided to do what my creator put me on this earth to do and help as many people as possible, I went out and found people who had achieved similar goals. They came from all walks of life, from an indian monk to a house painter.

But they all shared 7 common states they continually accessed:

Accurate Thinking
Pleasure Motivation

Then I discovered how they were instantly able to access one or all of those states simultaneously. I turned around and made systematic approaches to entering those states at will.

I know something about the human body that most people aren't aware of. See, your body is made up of chemical reactions. When a stranger runs at you with a knife in hand trying to cut your throat, your body releases certain chemicals telling you to get the hell out of dodge!

Those chemicals are triggered instantly and flood the body.

Well, when you achieve a state of absolute focus there are certain chemicals that are released in your body. Same with Confidence. And any other state.

In order for those chemicals to be released, they simply need to be "triggered". What I do when I model people is find all the different triggers that cause them to go into their most resourceful states.

Then I reverse-engineer those triggers and put them into a system, so when you do step 1, it releases the first trigger, step 2 releases the second trigger, and so on until... in a matter of seconds you can enter into any resourceful state you wish!

Anyway, I've taken all of these methods (and more) and put them into a 3 1/2 hour audio series called "Personal Development For People Who Can't Stand Wishy Washy Personal Development Gurus".

Here's What You Get

The audio course is broken down into 12 different programs and here they are.

#1: Desire Creator - How to Develop An Unstoppable Desire to Achieve Your Destiny


This program goes into the number 1 most important ingredient for successful personal development.

The reason most people live a life of mediocrity is because they never get outside of their comfort zone. Desire is the key to breaking through your comfort barrier. The cool thing is that once you do get out of your comfort zone, your whole circle is expanded.

But it's not enough to theoretically understand desire. You need an action plan for creating an instant state of perpetual desire. I share with you my six step process to uncover your ultimate desire so you can fully enjoy your time on this planet!


#2: Real Goal Setting - The Secrets I Learned While "Modeling" Olympic Athletes


Almost everything you read about goal setting is outdated.

Most of today's goal setting gurus are just rehashing the same crap that was around in the 1950's. Guess what? The same results are occurring: only 3% of people actually set and monitor their goals, and only 1% follow through and achieve them.

So I studied that 1% group and found out they set their goals completely different than anything I had ever read in any self-help or personal development book. The key commonality with the olympic atheletes I studied is they have "course correcting" systems that don't allow them to get off track from their goals!

The reason most people fail at goal setting is because they get off course. "Course correction systems" like the olympians use force you to constantly stay focused. Plus, they allow you to move outside of your comfort zone in tiny steps, instead of all at once. You know what they say:

Inch by Inch It's A Cinch!


#3 How to Change
In An Instant!


All important changes happen spontaneously.

If you're in the forest and a lion jumps out in front of you, do you gradually change from your current state into a state of panic? No! It happens in a tenth of a second. And it's that instant change that allows you to survive!

Who says you can't engineer all change so it works as quickly and automatically as your flight or fight response mechanism?

Well, you can. I know, because I have modeled several people who were able to create instant change in themselves and others in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

In this program I talk about "threshold points". Ever hear the phrase "It was the straw that broke the camel's back?". Or, "One day I just snapped". See, those are the very thresholds which once crossed completely destroy the old habits.

I'm into destruction. Once you destroy something, there is a void, and you can easily replace it with something more desireable.

In this program I give you a 9 step process for destroying limiting habits and replacing them with better habits.

The result: change happens spontaneously!


The 7 Most Powerful States For
Achieving Your Destiny

I have studied and been mentored by several people who I would consider "the best of the best" in their fields. And they all frequently access 7 certain mind states.

For example, when I was a monk my Guru accessed these 7 powerful states. And so do Warren Buffet and Donald Trump.

They are:


#4: Confidence & Certainty


Here you get an 8 step process I call the "Confidence Elicitation Exercise".

This is how to slip into a state of confidence at will. See, you're neurologically capable of being confident. I'd bet you're pretty confident that if I held you underwater for 10 minutes you'd drown.

So it's just a matter of discovering the chemistry your body performs to become confident, and then learning how to trigger it whenever you feel like it.

I can do all that for you in 8 steps.


#5: Absolute Focus!


Ever become "one" with a task? The time flew by and everything else simply melted away?

Everyone is neurologically capable of accessing a state of absolute focus. If my 7 year old brother can do it every time he plays his nintendo DS then you can do it, too. And once we use my 7 step process for figuring out how the chemistry in your body works to put you in a state of focus, we can turn it on at will.


#6: Accurate Thinking



A huge reason most people fail is because they don't accurately assess situations.

So when something unexpected comes up, they shut down. A quick adjustment of the attitude at the unconscious level can fix that. Then you'll know how to encounter any obstacle that is tossed in your way.

See, there has been a time in your life where your intiution was spot on, and you were "in the zone" so to speak. We can just go in and figure out what chemical processes cause that, and then we install a switch to turn it on whenever need.

Mine is always locked in the on position.


#7: Persistence


A funny thing happens when you decide to better yourself: your friends and the people close to you usually react negatively!

Why? Well, we typically are a composite of our 5 closest friends. Simpley put we enjoy being around others who are like us.

But when you begin to change, it throws off the whole social dynamics of your group. Most people react negatively to change. So, while you're trying to better yourself, you're likely to face criticism and animosity from those you need most.

If you're not prepared for it, you'll give up when stuff like this happens. So I've prepared a simple 11 step exercise for how to be persistent in the face of adversity.


#8: Decisiveness


The best teacher is experience.

When you decide on something, you have to act on it! Pretty soon, if you do it right, you'll have an intuition for knowing what to do -- and what not to do -- as you move toward your destiny.

I wanted to know how certain people always seemed to have the intuition for choosing the right decision with uncanny accuracy. So I elicited their decision making strategy, modeled it, and turned it into a simple 9 part exercise that you can use to make better decisions quicker and with less stress.


#9: Pleasure Motivation


Most people move away from pain instead of toward pleasure. What a horrible strategy!

That's why the average student waits until the last second before cramming for the test. The pain of failing becomes too great! Pain motivation sucks. Moving away from pain doesn't necessarily guarantee you'll move toward pleasure.

Plus, pain motivation creates a lot more stress. Imagine instead waking up every day thinking, "My life is pretty freaking good. How can I make it even better?".

That's a lot better approach than, "My life sucks. How do I get it to quit sucking?". I have a 6 step exercise for installing pleasure motivation into your unconscious mind.


#10: Curiosity


Most people procrastinate because they are scared of failure.

If you're in a state of curiosity, you're not concerned with outcome at all. You just do it to see what happens. This is a much more resourceful state to be in when trying out new things or learning new skills.

Ever wonder how a simple child, without any training, can learn the gist of the most complex languages before they are even five years old? They do so through observation. The curiosity of wondering what is going on in the environment around them allows them to pick up the most complex skills.

And you can do the same once you access your state of "intense curiosity". I show you how to do so in 7 easy steps.


#11 Financial Wealth Attraction - How to Draw
Money To You Like a Magnet


This is the program almost all politicians should listen to.

They (and pretty much the rest of the population) don't understand how money truly works, and who it is attracted to. See, they want to tax the rich more to give to the poor. That whole mentality is wrong!

Here's why: money is not a "zero sum game". If I make $10, that doesn't mean that's $10 less you can make. No. Money is not fixed. There is more money being created out of thin air every day. And there is currently more money on the planet than ever before.

What's the point? Most people don't make money simply because they feel guilty about it. They sabotage their own success. We can thank the politicians, churches and those who remain in a state of perpetual poverty for that "guilt mentality".

Actually, the best thing you can do for the poor is become wealthy. Then you can give to the poor however you desire. Then you can show the poor how to attract wealth just like you did.

The key word is attract. There are certain behaviors you can do that will simply allow money to flow to you easier. I give you the simplest formula of all for making that happen in this part of the program.


#12 Relationship & Health -- The Two
Overlooked Areas of Wealth


It's not enough to be rich.

If you have no one to share it with and you're sick all the time, we don't call you successful -- we call you a loser.

While I'm no health and diet expert myself, I am an extremely healthy person. And when I do get sick, I know how to recover as quickly as possible. Most importantly, I know who to take health advice from, and who to avoid like the plague.

See, there are so many myths about health out there that it makes me sick (pun intended).

Although I'm not an expert, I have identified the "3 major misunderstandings" most people have about being healthy. Interesting enough, none of them have to do with altering your diet or changing what you eat.

The second part of this program is about relationships. How would you like to condition yourself so that every time you looked at a loved one, you fell even more deeply in love with them than before?

Or how would you like to install a control panel with a lever in it that you could press down so that you could always give 100% of yourself to the people that are closest to you? I'll show you how to take the first steps to making all that happen.


Here's How to Get All
These Programs At A "Steal"

I don't think you can put a value on achieving your destiny and fulfilling your god-given purpose on this planet.

But for the sake of showing you just how valuable this course is, compared to the one-time investment of $49.97, I'll give you just a few examples.

Let's say you don't quite figure out how to slip into the 7 most powerful states for success.. Frankly, I don't even know how it's possible not to, since it all happens automatically and unconsciously, but I like to take a conservative approach. Let's say you're only able to utilize just 10% of these states 10% of the time.

So you act just a little more confident when it comes time to achieve more in life.

And you focus just a little more than you did before on all your important tasks.

And you assess situations just a little more accurately than you did before.

And you are just a little quicker to make decisions, and just a few more of those decisions turn out better than they otherwise would've. And everyday you wake you're just a little bit happier than you otherwise would've been.

And life is just a little more interesting then it previously was since you have become just a little more curious with all that is around you.

I think it would be safe to say that when you added up all those "just a little mores", you're going to notice a substantial increase in the quality of your life. And from a strictly monetary point of view, wouldn't it be safe to say that all those "just a little mores" would allow you to be able to earn a measly 5% more money this year than the year previous?

Even if you only made $10,000 a year, a 5% increase would mean $500 more in your pocket.

That's why at only $49.97 it's a real steal.


Oh, And There Is No
Risk With My 100%
Money-Back Guarantee!

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Be Well and thanks for reading!

Presented by ECS Dave

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